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Best British Coffee Houses

Yes, it's a thing! International Coffee Day was on the 1st October

"Every year on 1 October, the world comes together to celebrate coffee and recognise the millions of people across the globe - from farmers, to roasters, baristas, coffee shop owners and more  - who work hard to create and serve the beverage we all love".

With coffee being one of the nations staples in life, The Lifestyle Guide has complied a handful of some of the best coffee houses for you to visit this October.


EL&N London has become one of the most instagramable destinations in the city, with their Iconic delicate flower walls, pink interiors and alternative lattes taking social media by storm. They are MORE than just a coffee shop, offering an array of tasty food options and the most beautiful cakes in all of the land!!

If you've already been, they have just added a staggering 50 items to the brand new menu - so if you ever needed a reason, now is the time to go try something new out! Feel free to send in your pictures and we will feature them and credit you!

Locations: All London based:

Market Place, Brompton Road, Park Lane, Selfridges London, Hans Crescent, Lowndes Street & St Pancras Station


This new kid on the block has been in the lime light recently offering a limited batch of 15 servings of Ethiopian Cup of Excellence - 94/95 grade, one of two lots in the UK, served via a v60 filter at £50 POUNDS (not a typo) per serving. I mean, wait wait, its enough for one generous portion or for two to share but yes, currently the most expensive coffee in the UK. On an ethical note, it's also the most Fair Trade - with farmers being paid 150 x the normal commodity value of coffee.

Created by sisters Grace & Victoria Sheppard, Queens pays homage to their home county of Dorset throughout the menu and there is a focus on seasonal produce. A speciality coffee shop & all day artisan takeaway, wine and cocktail bar by evening!

Location: Mayfair, London


Host Café, Mansion House

"Feel the welcoming vibe of our coffee shop, look closely and discover the people and communities that make Host Café the perfect place to take a break from the chaos of the city."

Host Café first opened in this unique historic church in 2012. This hidden gem offers a space where people can relax and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere in the centre of one of the busiest districts in London. Host Café aims to give back to the community around St Mary Aldermary and create a place where everyone is welcome. Open Monday to Friday currently 830am-230pm. Check website for more info as things may change.

Location: Watling Street, London


We first learned about Grind when one of our co-founders was researching compostable & plastic free coffee pods. Three pale pink reusable canisters arrived and we fell in love!

Founded in 2011, it's grown to become a cult east London coffee brand, comprising eleven locations, including espresso bars, cocktail bars, restaurants, an international-grade recording studio, and a state-of-the-art coffee roastery. Each of their locations are unique and individual and somewhere The Lifestyle Guide would certainly hangout watching the word go by. We love this brand and we think you will too whatever location you choose to visit.

Locations: Shoreditch, London Bridge, Greenwich, Covent Garden, Exmouth Market, Soho, Liverpool Street, Royal Exchange & Whitechapel.


"Well Mannered Coffee" caught our eye so we had to find out more. These perfectly dressed gents and ladies have impeccable manners and honestly pour the perfect cup of responsibility sourced green coffee beans you'll ever have the pleasure of tasting! This is their craft, a science, mixing the perfect blend for their grateful customers who feel as much passion for coffee as the team working there. They offer more than just coffee, they offer an experience.

Locations: Borough, Fitzrovia, Southwark, London Bridge, East India, the O2, Flat Iron Square and Vinegar Yard


AND.....Last of all

The reason behind International Coffee Day is to raise awareness for the #COFFEEPLEDGE.

Coffee's future is in jeopardy. Coffee farmers aren't making enough to live on and prices are at an all time low. If things don't change farmers will no longer be able to produce coffee beans, putting your cup of coffee under threat. But there is something you can do to help. Act now, sign the #coffeepledge.


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