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Beauty wins for snow-queen skin

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

The top 5 scrubs & moisturisers to see you through the winter

When I imagine winter skin I think of blushed cheeks, an airbrushed complexion, buttery lips

and shimmery eyeshadow. The reality may lean more towards cracked and unhappy

smackers, and cold, dry noses. As your body’s largest organ, caring for your skin ought to be

considered a serious business and not just a luxury. I find the best approach to this essential

self-love routine is done in two steps…

1: Scrub. This removes dead skin cells leading to cleaner pores and a brighter complexion.

It also encourages blood flow to the skin helping with repairing imperfections and speeding

up the production of new skin cells. The increased blood flow has the added benefit of

warming you up!

2: Moisturize. Now that you have a clean, blank canvas, you’ll want to go in with a

moisturizer. This hydrates your skin whilst also creating a protective layer from the elements.

So you have your steps, but just as you can’t build an igloo without any snow, you can’t build

a winter skin regime without any products. Read on to discover the best scrubs and

moisturisers to help you realise your winter skin dream.


TOP 6 Scrubs

Sustainable from their packaging, to use of natural resources, and even the energy used in their head office, Espa takes a holistic approach to skincare that combines nature, aromatherapy, science and spiritual practices. Apricot kernels exfoliate, spearmint cools and Aloe Vera hydrates in this two- in-one Body Polish for both scrubbing and moisturising.

It stands to reason that when thinking organic, a scrub from the sustainable, responsibly sourced, vegetarian product range at Lush is a perfect choice. For those winter lip-lickers, getting stuck in a cycle of cracked, dry lips is an unpleasant experience. I thought therefore that it was worth getting specific for this one with a sugar based honey lip scrub (yes you can technically eat it...I see you under that mask!) This one uses antiseptic honey which will also help to heal cuts and blemishes while the grain of the sugar removes dead skin.

My love affair with The Body Shop began when I was just a little girl buying (but secretly wishing I could eat) their tangerine soaps. The Body Shop hasn’t lost their knack for creating heavenly scents and now that my skincare routine is a little more grown up, I like to exfoliate with a luxurious combo of almond milk and honey. Inspired by Cleopatra’s beauty regime, this regal scrub gently removes dead skin cells and is specifically designed for those with sensitive skin.

The combination of Magnesium (Epsom salts) and massaging oil makes your exfoliation regime with this scrub beneficial for muscles too. It uses essential oils that wake up and refresh, to help with those feelings of winter fatigue. After a long time on your feet and an early start in the cold, a post-work bath with this product may be just the tonic.

This ones for those who live in the city, where cold winter winds and rain are not the only things preventing you from having beautiful skin. Yep, I’m talking about pollution. This gel formulation helps to strengthen the skin’s barrier and locks in moisture, making your skin more resilient to environmental toxins. Hopefully, that takes a little stress out of the morning commute!

Bringing the Mediterranean breeze to a drizzly day, the Body Buff uses sand, apricot and olive seed powders to exfoliate. Argan oil and shea butter are just two big players in the five oils and butters that work with this product to hydrate you after the scrub has done its work. The signature Moroccanoil scent is also infused into the Body Buff and will stay on the skin after use. Now there’s a reason to snuggle further into your scarf.


TOP 7 Moisturisers

Cowshed started as a remote spa in Chislehurst. Using botanical plants from the grounds they expanded to create organic products to take home. The wonderbalm, aptly named, has multiple uses for body, face and even on hair to repair split ends. It contains rose to balance, retinol to slow down signs of aging skin and Kahai oil which is rich in vitamins E and F. What luxury to take the serenity of the spa with you on a chilly walk to the shops. Talk about the royal treatment.

This company is one of a few umbrella brands under the company Deciem. They pride themselves on bringing honesty and integrity to the beauty industry, giving a fair price to researched scientific skin formulations. Squalane is somewhat trending in the skincare world at the moment. It’s a hydrocarbon produced naturally in the body that not only adds hydration to the skin but prevents the loss of it. This product comes in a brown glass bottle, with a pipet applicator, an environmental packaging choice that really aligns with this brand’s ethos as a stripped back, transparent apothecary with all the science and none of the jargon.

Using 100% natural ingredients, Balance Me creates products that use the latest scientific skin discoveries, with this particular power duo making a great fix for your winter skin needs. The set provides a glowing repair serum and collagen boosting moisturiser which makes it anti-aging on top of being super hydrating.

It’s easy to forget to protect against the sun when it’s not shining but UV rays can still penetrate even the greyest clouds and so this day cream is a great choice for a strong defence against this. This cream has been shown to be firming and uplifting, helping to fight fine wrinkles, dark spots and to rebuild elasticity. This one falls in the higher-end range but the reviews really speak for themselves.

Winter blues tend to make me seek out colour and fun wherever I can. Benefit champions that “laughter is the best cosmetic;” a philosophy that comes out in their pastel-shaded packaging, pun-loaded product names and cheery designs. It is enough to brighten anyone's day no matter how cold and cloudy. The Total Moisture Face Cream contains hydrating mango butter and comes in a gorgeous glass pot which I will definitely be using as a trinket dish after it runs out.

The frangipani set has a deep, warming scent that stays on the skin after use, leaving it soft and supple. The oil doubles up as a hot treatment for your tresses and alone is worth £40, making this online exclusive with the shower cream and salt scrub a great deal. It’s the perfect 3-in-1 set for some post-bath body nourishing.

I once heard it said on the beauty grapevine that men’s skin ages slower because the frequent shaving means they are exfoliating on the regular. Whether this is true or not, I couldn’t say, but one thing’s for sure: moisturising is not to be ignored, particularly if you are drying out your skin with shaving. (And for my bearded friends, the skin underneath still needs its dose of hydration!) This advanced moisturiser from No.7 could be the answer, boasting noticeably reduced wrinkles in two weeks and built-in sun protection.


And with a flick of the wand, we all had beautiful skin fit for a queen! Hopefully one of these

products can help to kick start winter skincare for you and keep you glowing over the coming months. Who says we can’t set the clock back on our skin as well as on our morning

alarm? (25th of October folks, don’t forget!)

By Cecilia Wray, Guest Blogger!


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