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Beards & Daisies - Houseplants Delivered To Your Door!

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Head to Beards & Daisies for all your Houseplant and Indoor Plant needs. They have an amazing selection to transform your house into your very own sanctuary of greenery. Plants are the perfect mood-lifting additions to your life and therefore you really should surround yourself with them.

You may not have a huge garden or any parks near you but you can still cover your house with plants that quite like being inside anyway. Whatever end of the scale you're on, whether you consider yourself a plant expert, if you've tried to be a good plant parent but fail every time or if you're a newbie here, there is a houseplant for you.

Beards & Daisies collection includes all different shapes and sizes suitable for different spaces. They also have options that are pet-friendly or some that are great for air-purifying and of course are favourites the 'unkillable'. They offer a subscription service where you will receive a carefully chosen plant for your home each month to build up your own collection and all plants come with care instructions to follow.

Shop plants and accessories via their website, here are just a few of our best picks!


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