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A "Haul For Your Wall"...

Walls are not to be left minimalist no more!

We love a print and we don’t just want the one, we want a wall full. We've had a lot of spare time on our hands and are bored of staring at the same four walls so we're keen to spice things up. Mix and matching different pieces in all sorts of sizes makes it fun to sit down and admire and we love the idea of collecting pieces on your travels or treating yourself at an expensive art fair because you deserve it. There could be a theme to the collage or they could have nothing in common at all. It can be work of a famous artist or it can even be something you've created. Make it seasonal or not, change it every day if you please. The art of it is it reflects you.

We have selected some of our quirky finds and will be going Autumnal with our hues.


Trendy & stylish wall art for every room and with their wide range of designs you are sure to be able to find something that matches your taste! Plus 20% off your first print order!


"Four Walls Don't Make A Home"

What does, however, are personal touches in the form of wall art and décor. Get exploring our wide selection of posters, prints and more—with them, you'll turn your house into a real home. JUNIQE brings you art and artists you'll love. £10 off your first order when you subscribe!

Your Best Friends Forget You Get Old Poster by Maarten Léon

We feel like this come 17:30pm every day. When work finishes we too want to dive in a glass of wine with our pals.


Make Society6 your one-stop shop for all things wall art. Perfect for every room in your home from the living room to the bedroom to the bathroom and beyond—our range of wall art options were made to fit any budget or space. Sale currently on too!


As if we need reminding! We love an inspirational quote and staying groovy is something we definitely approve of doing. All guests must adhere to these rules too.

Welcome to Greyfox Design, by Rebecca Winnington - a specialist in wire typography - making bespoke original pieces to adorn your home.

Beer is art. Txaber created this masterpiece of beer cans using the Pantone Colour Matching System where he partnered the brew with its hue. His latest collection Symmetries is an visually appealing take on 3D typography as well as international brand logos and we could stare at them for hours - forget Netflix.

Sometimes we just need to remember to stay positive when the world is crashing down around us. If only we had a sign?

And a quote we have heard repeatedly in 2020 and a reminder to not take anything or anyone to seriously because “it is what it is”.


Other sites to pick up a print!

Shop millions of handmade and vintage items on the world’s most imaginative marketplace

Original wall art? Bespoke prints? Personalised photo frames? Let your imagination and creativity run wild with our range of must-have art for your home.

Tate Shop

Tate’s mission is to promote knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of art, and our shops support this goal in two important ways: firstly, through the books, prints, and products themselves, many of which are commissioned specially, we aim to both reflect and support the work of Tate. Secondly, the profits that are made by Tate Commerce are directly covenanted to Tate.

Original wall art? Bespoke prints? Personalised photo frames? Let your imagination and creativity run wild with our range of must-have art for your home.


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Written by Dania L


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