5 Of The UK's Best Immersive Wellness Retreats

If we spent more time outside, letting life teach us, I know we would change our relationship with the Earth. We would remember what it feels like to be part of life, rather than trying to play God with it. - Margaret J. Wheatley, community activist

The seven dimensions of wellness are physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, environmental and occupational. Now more than ever is important we understand the delicate balance between all and the importance they play in our everyday lives. Making small everyday adjustments and taking a more holistic approach will ultimately lead us into a happier and more balanced life.

Nature is a key element in this, playing a huge part and holding the power of healing and restoring. Even if going for a meditative walk, run or even swim can lift our spirits and improve our mindset. Elevate these everyday pleasures with our top UK immersive wellness experiences to recharge, connect and escape.

The Sharpham Trust: Find your peace in a silent 5-night retreat

A great chance to experience quiet and stillness, yet still be in a supportive company, with the opportunity to let go of the usual social conventions. This 5-night retreat is a chance to turn inward and to let go of the daily struggles that can so easily get in the way of simplicity, freedom and joy in each present moment.

These retreats run throughout the year and are suitable for those that have previous meditation experience. Click here to find out more and book.

The Scarlet

The Scarlet in Cornwall is the ideal place to stage your own meditation retreat. Inspired by the teachings of Ayurveda, the spa offers one-hour guided meditation classes to help you set your intentions during your stay. The Deep Relaxation Room is a unique part of the spa experience and it’s exclusively used following your treatment, cocooned in warm blankets you drift away, utterly relaxed!

You can book yourself on a three night spa break (the best value way to experience this eco-luxury hotel) and choose to soak in the ocean views from the clifftop hot tubs, cleanse with a body tingling scrub in the hammam, or feel the detoxifying rhassoul experience with luxurious Cornish mud, all part of the Scarlet Journey.

Thera-Sea’s off-grid escapes in rural Cornwall

Designed to tackle the rise in the number of degenerative diseases and mental disorders as a result of increased stress levels and unhealthy lifestyles. Thera-Sea’s off-grid experiences are focused on putting people back into the heart of the natural environment! Based on the banks of the River Fal, this Cornish retreat is on secluded grounds only accessible by boat or hiking through the woodland.

The sort of activities you can expect are learning bushcraft skills such as building fires and shelters, going swimming in the river, relaxing in a hammock, or foraging for food. In the evenings there are nighttime walks through the forest, torch-lit trips along the river, or even relaxing around a fire whilst the resident chef cooks a feast on the open fire!

Wild Wellness at Gleneagles